Meet Your Trainer

My name is David Paurini.

Strength and fitness have played a major role throughout my life.
I first started learning about training when I was just a young boy
helping my father with his weights.

Most of my experience of strength and conditioning comes from playing
and coaching Rugby Union. I played Rugby at a professional level in
Australia as well as overseas.

In this time I was able to learn from some of the best strength
and conditioning coaches in the rugby world.
This has most definitely influenced my own style of training.

I have also been influenced by family members with backgrounds
in medicine, exercise physiology and public health.
This prompted my motivations to study health and human movement at
university which I am currently completing.

My life experience and studies thus far have given me a passion to
help and influence others to improve their health and live a
longer and happier life.
We are based in Sydney's inner west.

Catering for all ages and abilities we offer

*Sports conditioning
*Strength training
*Weight management
*Lifestyle adaptation
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